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The UANA Technical Water Polo Committee is proud to announce that the 2019 Youth (17U) Water Polo Championship for Male and Female has been awarded to Trinidad & Tobago. The event will be held at the National Aquatic Centre in Balmain, Couva from August 14th – 24th.

The Amateur Swimming Association of  Trinidad & Tobago and its president take great pleasure in inviting all national federations to partake in this important and prestigious event for youth water polo in the Pan American region.

UANA has released the Final Schedule for the games.

Our Girls and Boys continue their strenuous preperations to compete at these games and earn their places to the FINA World Youth Water Polo Championships 2020.

They certainly will enjoy and look forward to your support in the stands.

Lets do this.

TTO’s selection for the Pan American Youth Water Polo Championships:

17UF TTO Team

  • Christina Nimblett
  • Morgan Donawa
  • Jordan Waithe
  • Jade Charles
  • Danielle Lequay
  • Catherine Alexander
  • Victoria Gillette
  • Breanne Jordan
  • Tahira Beepat
  • Abeo Valentine
  • Tiffany Green
  • Aaliyah Aching

17UM TTO Team

  • Zephaniah Taylor Saldenha
  • Yannick Robertson
  • Ross Gillette
  • Jonathan Constantine
  • Nikolai York
  • Kelvin Caesar
  • Everson Latchman
  • Marvin Gillard-Bruce
  • Nathan Hinds
  • David Agard
  • Christian Chin Lee
  • Ricardo Ramdan
  • Dylan Lee